My recent columns have alluded to the younger generations who are absent from the church. This is an interesting piece of research on their view of Christianity.


Last year, the Public Religion Research Institute and Georgetown’s Berkley Center published a fascinating report about young adults and faith.
On the left side of the chart, we see descriptions of Christianity (“judgmental,” “anti-gay,” “has good principles,” etc.).  The dots indicate the percentage of Christian young adults (orange) and Unaffiliated young adults (blue) who believe that descriptor to be true.

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Author: Central Christian Church

Central is a friendly, welcoming, and progressive congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) with roots in the American frontier. An active congregation with opportunities for spiritual formation for children, youth, and adults, we are located just two blocks from Olivet Nazarene University. Our current facility was dedicated to the glory of God in 1986 and is accessible for persons of every ability. Sunday worship blends traditional elements with a relevant presentation of the gospel, including weekly participation in the Lord’s supper where all who believe in Jesus are invited to commune.

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